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News Update



Liebe Steinfreunde und die es werden wollen,

Die Sommersonnenwende steht bevor. Am 21.06.2022 treffen wir uns wie gewohnt bei den Steinen im Tiergarten. Kulmination ist um 13 Uhr Sommerzeit. Ich werde ab 12 Uhr vor Ort sein. Es gibt Neuigkeiten zu vermelden.

W. K. v. Schwarzenfeld


Dear stone friends and those who want to become one,

the summer soltice is approaching. On 21st of June 2021 let us meet as usal at the stones in Tiergarten, Berlin. Culmination is at 1 p.m. summertime. I will be there from 12 p.m. There is news to report.

W. K. v. S


Update news for January 2021.

On the 20th of January 2020 the sandstone, also called Kueka, which formed part of my global stone project was loaded up and transported back to the Gran Sabana in Venezuela from where it originated. This brought to an END of 22 years conflict and which was based on an error. Continue reading.


In this link you can find the last Update for the Global Stone Project Compact Description 15.08.2019.


Meine Email Adresse ist mail@globalstone.de


My new book :

Frieden ist moeglich

Fuenf Schritte zu globalen Bewusstsein und Frieden.

is published.



Description of the Global Stone Project

I have sailed around the world in Pegasus, a three-masted sailboat I built

more than 30 years ago. It served as the main tool for the mission I have

set myself to pursue. On every continent I look for two stones with unique

characteristics in terms of material, form, and history, and each weighing

approximately 30 tons. One of the two stones remains in its country of

origin, while the other sister stone goes on a journey to Berlin, Germany,

to the Tiergarten near the Brandenburger Gate, Parliament and the

Holocaust Memorial. In summary, my project consists of the handling of

ten stones, five to be placed in the countries representing each continent

and the other five stones to be placed in Berlin.

All the stones are sculptured, polished and inscribed. The stones

remaining on the five continents are positioned so that once a year, on

the 21st of June, their surfaces reflect the light of the sun back to it. The

light reflected from these stones travels in a frequency of 16 minutes

around the world to meet their sister stones, at high noon in Berlin.

There, between the five continental stones, the reflected sunlight draws

five invisible straight lines. I expect the viewer to participate in the

peace process by making a free decision to join these invisible lines

using his active imagination, to create a circle as a symbol of united

mankind. The pairs of stones from the continents represent the five

steps towards Peace: (Europe) Awakening, (Africa) Hope, (Asia)

Forgiveness, (America) Love, and Australia (Peace).

The stones themselves, their history, the sculpting, their reflective quality

and their positioning are in a sense similar to hieroglyphs. Interpreting

them, understanding their message intellectually, emotionally or intuitively

is left entirely to the viewer. This is his or her contribution, which in turn

has the potential to make this work a piece of art, a monument, and a

symbol of global awareness and peace. The project is free of

historical, political and ideological burdens as well as commercial interests.

It is self-funded, with generous assistance from sponsors along my travels.

I am in charge of the entire project, starting with the preparation for

the voyage, the research, the seeking out of the stones, their transportation, negotiations with public officials and sponsors. Moreover, I am compiling

full documentation of this work, with photos and videos.

I have gained considerable experience toward the organization of this task,

as I have made three documentary films in the past, two of them for

TV. Perseverance is my advantage, impatience is my weakness

and unconditional love is my contribution to a better world.

Compact description of the project

The Global Stone Project consists of ten stones (Stone groups).

Five stones are placed in the five continents of origin.

The other five stones are placed in a circle in Berlin.

Once a year on the 21 st of June the light of the sun connects all ten stones by reflection.

The viewer is expected to participate in the process of global awareness towards peace by making a free decision to join the invisible five straight

lines with his active imagination to creata a circle as a symbol of united mankind.


Asian Stones ( Forgiveness )

I had been in search of the stones to be included in the Global Stone Project, when I eventually decided to go to the Kingdom of Bhutan. Having received an invitation from the Royal Government, I took a plane from Berlin via Kathmandu to the Land of the Thunder Dragon.  Protected by mountains, valleys and canyons the people of Bhutan have been able to preserve their Buddhism-stamped culture. Bhutan at the feet of the highest mountains in the world is a small Kingdom with democratic structures, there I wanted to find the stones which represent Asia and stand for forgiveness.

Click here to continue reading.

The Project
I have sailed around the world in "Pegasus", a three-masted sailboat I built more than 30 years ago. It served as the main tool for the mission I have set myself to pursue.
I have tried to keep up the documentation of the "global stone project". You can find pictures to each continent. This is the best way for you to join the adventure.
Since the beginning of the "global stone project" a lot of information has been published about it. Just find out which efforts we made and how we solved unexpected problems.